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"Happy First Day Of Fall !  I pray you're doing well !"
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"Hi Sis, Happy first day of Fall !  Hope you had a great and blessed Lord's day."
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"H I Sis, Happy first day of Fall !  Hope you had a blessed Lord's Day !"
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"Val,  Happy first day of fall !  Hope you had a great and blessed Lord' s Day !"
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"Hi Bryant, Happy First Day of Fall !  Yesterday I attended a Fall Gospel meeting yesterday.  Two of…"
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"Just checking on you Sis Nina.  Glad God gave you another year and another day and keeps on repeati…"
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"Hi Freddi.  I love you dearly.  Glad you're blessed.  Please keep me in prayer."
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"Hey. Hope all is well.
I remember hearing you saying when I had visited last time how there was a M…"

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  • Hello. . .is anybody familiar with the group ASAP and if so, how to find out when they will be in the Miami area?
    • Send Brother Bryant Malone that question Sis.
      Be blessed.
  • A PRAYER FOR THE FOLD OF GOD: "Blessed Lord and Father of all, in thee we find a refuge and safe retreat when storms arise and danger threatens; when our courage is tested, thou art at hand to strengthen us; when we are bewildered by difficult problems, thou art presence to give us wisdom and understanding. We thank thee that thou art a God at hand, a Father always near. Bless us as individuals. Blessed the families of which we are members. Bless the church of the Lord Jesus and may we as members fulfil our mission among men. I pray for the sick and the bewilded. Forgive us of sins and help us to be faithful until the coming of the Lord Jesus. In Your son Jesus' name. Amen."
    • Sis Nina, A beautiful ...
      prayer .
  • Hi everyone I am so excited about a new app to I am blessed to share with you. As many of you know my newest business is in videography and if there is anything we can do to serve you all please let me know. We do commercials, welcome video for congregations, website graphics... well just check out the free mobile app by clicking this link http://my.yapp.us/X8HWLQ. Enjoy the videos that I have provided for you.
  • Hey everyone. Where's the link to invite new members to ACANetwork please?
  • "GOD'S RESPONSE TO OUR CONCERNS": (1). You Say: "I'm always worried and fearful" -"God Says: Cast all your cares on ME!" (1Peter 5:7) (2). You Say: "I can't do nothing" -God Says: "You can do all things through ME"(Philippians 4:13) (3). You Say: "It's impossible" -God Says: -"ALL things are possible with HIM" (Luke 18:27). (4). You Say: "I don't have enough faith -God Says: -"I've given everyone a measure of FAITH "(Romans 12:3). (5). You Say: "I can't figure things out" -God Says: -"I will direct your steps" (Proverbs 3:5-6) (6). You Say: "I feel all alone" -God Says: "I will never leave or forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5). (7). You Say: "I can't forgive myself" -God Says: "I FORGIVE YOU! (1John 1:9 & Rom. 8:1). (8). You Say: "I'm not smart enough" -God Says: "I'll give you wisdom" (1Cor. 1:30). (9). You Say: "Life is too hard: -God Says: "My grace is sufficient" (2 Cor. 12:9 & Psa 91:15). (10). You Say: "Nobody really loves me" -God Says: -"I Love You!" (John 3:16)(John 13:34)
  • Hope you had a safe and blessed..
    holiday. I pray your...
    Labor Day, was truly a
    blessing... from.. the fruits of your spirits, and
    your hard word paid off.
  • Looking forward to Bible Class tonight at the Southside Church of Christ. It's going to be good.
  • PERSEVERENCE: I am praying that all Christians everywhere perserve in time like these. Because God definitely did not make any junk.
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The Sayings of Jesus Christ on the Cross

Our Lord and savior's last words before his death on the cross:
    1. Luke 23:34 - Father forgive them....
    2. John 19:26-27 - Woman behold thy son - Behold thy mother.....
    3. Luke 23:43 - Today shall…
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