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  • Looking forward to Bible Class tonight at the Southside Church of Christ. It's going to be good.
  • PERSEVERENCE: I am praying that all Christians everywhere perserve in time like these. Because God definitely did not make any junk.
    • Amen Sista !
      The Bible is being ....fulfilled.
  • Ah man what happen to my music! I don't like this at all. I came here bc my kids wanted to here certain songs they know and now not here. Please could you put it back the way it was! I will still enjoy the music that is here today.
    • I felt the same when after not signing on for a while what a bummer :(
  • I to wondered about the music that was on my page, will I be able to have it back?
  • Can I please have the music back that I put on my page? Pretty please?
  • Good afternoon all I need the number to the Church of Christ in Minneapolis . Thanks
  • Please pray for the family of Calvin H.
    Bowers, Minister Emeritus of Figueroa church of Christ in Los Angeles. He passed away 8/8/2014

    Dr. Calvin H. Bowers
    Minister Emeritus Figueroa Church of Christ

    Though a widely accomplished – minister, author, husband, college administrator, college professor, lecturer, and television speaker – Dr. Calvin Bowers declares his ambition simply: “I just want to be a Christian man.” A native of Selmer, Tennessee, Dr. Bowers is the eighth of nine children. Even at birth, he seemed destined for success. After all, his parents chose a rather stately name for him–Calvin Harrison–that of two former U.S. Presidents. After graduation from McNairy County High School in Selmer in 1951, Dr. Bowers enrolled at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois; where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and psychology in 1955. While he was a student at Millikin University, he served as minister for congregations in Champaign, Decatur, and he also worked at Wagner Foundry at night to sponsor his education.

    He went on to earn two Master of Arts degrees from Pepperdine University: one in religious education in 1960; the other in speech communication in 1972. In 1981, he earned a doctorate of education degree in Higher Education and Administration at the University of Southern California.

    His ministry at the Figueroa Church of Christ is perennial, one that spans over 50 years. In fact, it was while Dr. Bowers was a graduate student at Pepperdine University, in 1957, that the late Brother R.N. Hogan invited him to become Minister of Education at the congregation. (Dr. Bowers began preaching when he was 14 years old.) He served as an associate minister of the congregation until 1995, when the elders appointed him as Figueroa’s minister.

    Beyond the ministry, Dr. Bowers has numerous other professional and philanthropic involvements. From 1967-1969, Dr. Bowers took a two year leave from Figueroa to serve as the Academic Dean of Southwestern Christian College in Terrell

    Texas under the administration of Dr. Jack Evans. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Dr. Bowers found a home with Pepperdine University and served in several capacities until his retirement as Professor Emeritus in 2004. They include; Dean of Ethnic and Urban Studies (1969-1976), Director of Equal Opportunity, and Professor of Communication (1976-2004) and currently as Special Assistant to the President Dr. Andrew K. Benton.

    Additionally, Dr. Bowers has served on numerous boards and has been involved in a variety of programs. He is the speaker for the Hour of Truth television program; teacher of classes for the residents of Figueroa Gardens and the Hogan Manor, apartment complexes associated with the Figueroa congregation; and chairperson of the board for the Los Angeles Bible College. He was a founding board member of the Normandie Christian Elementary School and chairman of the National Youth Conference for 46 years.

    Recognizing that the history of African American congregations of the Churches of Christ in Los Angeles was one that demanded to be told, Dr. Bowers penned Realizing the California Dream in 1998. Beyond the book being a professional accomplishment, it resounded genuinely with readers, who appreciated the public recognition of family members’ contributions to area congregations. Dr. Bowers is the author of several literary pieces including serving as editor of the on-going publication of Blue Prints for Building a Better Lifestyle by 21st Century Publishing. His thesis have covered the Preaching of R.N. Hogan, the Leadership Development of 57 Negro (Black) Churches and finally his USC dissertation entitled the Hiring of Academic Administrators.

    Dr. Bowers is a recipient of the Roy Wilkins Education Award from the Inglewood Branch of the NAACP. His hobbies are reading, self-development, researching black history, making friends, and doing those things in life that will allow one to be all one can be.

    For over 47 years he was married to the former Mozell Trice, until her death in September 2004. They are the parents of Crystal Guy, Byron Bowers, and Lori Bailey. He has three grand-children, Taylor Guy, Madison and Reagan Bailey. He is now married to the former Barbara Hayes of Clinton, Oklahoma. She has two children and thirteen grand-children.

    He is the founder of Fellow Workers, for despite his numerous achievements, Dr. Bowers still had a mission: to train 3000 people for the Lord.
  • Eloise Brown July 30, 2014 at 7:54pm
    TO: All of the people who are Christians/believers in the power of prayer

    It occurred to me last night, I have not seen any prayer requests online for people with Ebola or the countries where it is raging. Let us all pray that this outbreak of Ebola will be stopped and that the people who are suffering with it will be saved by more help being given to the doctors and the health workers in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and now Nigeria.
    Let's pray fervently for all who are suffering and for the families of those who have passed away because of Ebola.

    I would be wonderful if this could be posted throughout this network of Christians so that each person who is a member here can join in praying for the people affected by EBOLA! I have not been able to find the place to post this a blog so it is here for you and everyone to read and pray about.
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